Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making a Move Muslim Fashion

Muslim Fashion

The Muslims have been traditionally Muslim Fashion very festive and fun loving people. The beautiful craftsmanship and embroidery patterns found on their clothing, unrivalled with so many fascinating and breath taking color combinations, provides a completely unique fashion style unlike any others.

In the middle ages the ravages of time and history took its toll and the hijab and abaya became strict rules of conduct accompanied by equally simple eating habits that have been enforced upon the womenfolk of modern times.

Traditionally, Muslims are known to adhere to religious values and ethics that rule all forms of daily life more dominantly than the ones eschewed by the political or governing bodies, the ones running the affairs of the state. Most of the Muslim population is devout and traditional status quo is maintained in most of the homes by all age groups equally.

Of late, though with generations having passed since they left the birth places, Muslims are increasingly looking to make their own fashion statements in their own subtle ways. The Muslim women folk had been using highly ornamental and embroidered clothing that, in spite of covering them from head to toe, was intricately designed in vibrant colors and in many variants that brought out the distinctly feisty and festive outlook to life.



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